Mar 20, 2020 • 41M

Podcast #001: Film festivals going online

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Herb Shellenberger
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Hello and welcome to Rep Cinema International. We’re all adjusting to the current news and situations in our various locations, and first of all I hope everyone is safe, secure and healthy. Though it was an inevitability at this point, one after another we’ve seen film festivals around the world cancel in the wake of the global pandemic, some pivoting quickly to online modes of exhibition.

For the first Rep Cinema International podcast, I spoke with several programmers and directors of international film festivals which were due to take place this week and have swiftly been canceled, postponed and/or retooled. My guests are Mads Mikkelsen of CPH:DOX (image below), Mantė Valiūnaitė of Vilnius Film Festival and Sanne Jehoul of Glasgow Short Film Festival. Thanks to them for speaking with me and please bear with me as I learn how to record and edit things like this on the go.

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