Podcast #002: 2021 Rep ReportListen now | The year in repertory cinema from where we're located in London, Los Angeles and Dubai
This week's rep report, a few forthcoming books, news from the archives and gems from Aki Kaurismäki
Hello and welcome to Rep Cinema International. Today’s interview is with Wakae Nakane & Miryam Sas, co-programmers of the recent screening 1990s…
Partaking in some institutional critique while booting up Chris Marker's Immemory and doing the "Arrakis Walk"
A French post-punk ode to the cinema, Argentine nitrate, RepFits and this week's repertory report
This week's rep report featuring events and podcasts from all over
Halloween rep cinema programming across eight different countries...
Haile Gerima in Los Angeles, rep film streetwear and Amos Vogel's masterpiece returns
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